Flo-Tek manufactures and supplies a wide range of plumbing products for both above-ground and under-ground applications. Flo-Tek products are used extensively in the plumbing industry throughout Southern Africa and accessible through the wide network of branches and various merchants. PVC and CPVC rare the primary materials for our plumbing systems, producing a wide size (diameter) range of pipes and fittings.

Flowguard CPVC Plumbing Solutions

Flo-Tek now manufactures the new and innovative plumbing solution, the Flowguard CPVC. This piping system has many advantages over traditional plumbing system and is applicable in both residential and commercial buildings. The Flo-Tek Flowguard CPVC piping can be used in hot and cold applications.

PVC Sewer & Drain

Flo-Tek manufactures a range of PVC Sewer products for various applications. We currently produce SANS 791 UPVC Piping System and SANS 1601 UPVC Structure Wall Pipes.

PVC Soil, Waste and Vent

Flo-Tek Solid, Waste and Vent pipes and fittings of nominal sizes 40-160 mm are intended for above ground non-pressure applications. We currently manufacture SANS 967 UPVC Pipes & Fittings.

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