Flo-Tek Solid, Waste and Vent pipes and fittings of nominal sizes 40-160 mm are intended for above ground non-pressure applications, where continous temperature in excess 60°C are not encountered. Pipes and fittings available with two methods of jointing; Solvent Cement and Rubber Ring.

SANS 967 UPVC Pipes

Flo-Tek’s Soil, Waste and Vent Pipes are specially formulated for resistance to sunlight and long-term outdoor exposure.

Pipe Dimensions

All pipes are made to provide an effective length of 6 meters. The minimum wall thickness and mass per meter are given in the table below.

SANS 967 UPVC Fittings

Injection moulded fittings are available in either rubber ring or solvent weld in sizes 50 mm and 110 mm.

Product Range

  • Reduced Juction 160X110 45° (UG)
  • Junction Plain 110X110 45° (UG)
  • Junction Access Left  (110X110 45° (UG)
  • Junction Access Right  (110X110 45° (UG)
  • Gulley Head & Grate  Round (190X110 (UG)
  • Rodding Eye 110X45°
  • Gully “P” Trap 110mm(UG)
  • Stopend Plain Female 110mm (UG)
  • Socket Single 110 mm (UG)
  • Bend Plain 110X45° (UG)
  • Bend Plain 110X87.5° (UG)
  • Kimberly Socket 110mm UG
  • Bend Plain 110×22.5° UG
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